The London City Team is made up of both short-term (less than 2 years) and long-term individuals and families. We are always eager to speak to others about how they might be able to come and serve in London with the team. To learn more about our team, check out the brief bios below:

Matt & Kimberly Davis (Tyler, Hallie, Alex) – Long Term

The Davises were the first to arrive in London with ReachGlobal in the summer of 2013. Matt is the Team Leader of the London City Team, and oversees all ministry partnerships in London. He also serves as a Sports Chaplain of a professional rugby team, and is active in discipleship of men, leader development, and teaching the Bible.  Kimberly is active in a variety of ministry activities, especially related to the arts and the discipling of women.

The Davis Kids: Tyler is in Year 13 at Twyford C of E Music College and is very active in the arts, performing with a number of local theatre companies. Hallie is in Year 11 at Elthorne Park HS and enjoys playing a variety of instruments, especially the flute and piccolo as part of the Ealing Youth Orchestra. Alex is in year 10 at EPHS and he plays percussion with the Ealing Perscussion Academy participates is a member of the local Boy’s Brigade.


Mark Winterlin – 2 Years

Mark arrived in January of 2017, and is serving with the Co-Mission Media Team as a filmmaker. In addition to partnering with Co-Mission, Mark will also serve ReachEurope, creating promotional films for ReachGlobal City Teams.


Tara Sharp – Long Term

A “veteran” of ReachGlobal, Tara has served in Austria and is the current Director of ReachGlobal CAMPS. Tara is serving as an “adjunct” member of the London City Team, working alongside Co-Mission, as a consultant for camps and events, and also as a part of The Boathouse Church in Putney.


Anastasia Gerhardt – 2 Years

Anastasia arrived in August of 2017 and is serving primarily at Longheath Baptist Church in Croydon, in partnership with Co-Mission. Ana’s focus at Longheath is to serve with children, youth, and women, as well as in music ministry.


Sydney Emory – 1 Year

Sydney is “officially” working for London City Mission, one of our ministry partners, but is is also a member of the London City Team. Sydney serves at Vauxhall Christian Centre / Hope Church Vauxhall in areas such as children’s / youth work, women’s ministry, and sports ministry.


Currently Raising Support


Allord Family – Long-Term